Case Study: St. Paul’s University

Case Study: St. Paul’s University

St. Paul’s University had an issue with a group of students who were experiencing an allergy to EMF. EMF stands for Electro Magnetic Fields. Electro Magnetic Fields are a field of force that consist of both electric and magnetic components resulting from the motion of an electric charge and containing a definite amount of electromagnetic energy. In more common terms, it’s a field created by the conversion of power. Science is still uncovering and understanding the allergy and it’s symptoms but reactions can range from rashes to migraines. For these particular students they were having to bring their own personal lights to classrooms to do their work without being affected.

The Problem:

Find a solution for their EMF allergy affected students that’s also sustainable and energy efficient.

Rimikon’s Extra Low Voltage lights are all EMF free because the conversion from AC power to DC power happens at our converter and not on the bulb. Using our patented Extra Low Voltage DC Solution it provides a solution to fit their need.

The Solution:

Rimikon’s 2’x2′ DC panels providing safe, sustainable and EMF free lighting.

However, there’s more that St. Paul’s got out of using Rimikon Extra Low Voltage DC lights.

An Instant 66% savings on energy



The Extra Low Voltage Difference


  • Fluorescent
  • 1536 Watts
  • 24 Fluorescent light fixtures
  • Constant Panel Swaps
  • Degrading Light Quality
  • EMF Emissions


  • Extra Low Voltage LED
  • 540 Watts
  • 12 Mercury-Free Lights
  • 50,000 hour Lifespan
  • Consistent Light Quality
  • No EMF Emissions

All of St. Paul’s lights in these classrooms are now fully dimmable, smart controlled and flicker-free.

They love their new lights and had nothing but great things to say about them.

“After installing Rimikon LED lights in two classrooms, our energy consumption was reduced by two thirds in those rooms. The lighting quality was better and we really like the fact these lights do not emit electromagnetic radiation”

Michael Drapeau
Director of Physical Resources

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