Everyone wants to be environmentally friendly

However, taking the initiative of going green is usually expensive, complicated or both. So we made it simple. All of RImikon’s LED Solutions are made to be simple and easy to install whether you’re going AC or retrofitting to Extra Low Voltage DC.

All of our lights are fully dimmable, flicker-free, rated for 50,000 hours, and come with a standard 5 year warranty

Why? The Rimikon team is made up of industry leaders and professionals with decades of experience under their belt. They understand the industry needs presently and the needs of the lighting industry in the future. Rimikon is the result of hard work, innovation and making solutions for the future possible today.

We’re lighting experts who provide LED lighting solutions for your problems today and to solve the problems of the future.

Offering both AC and DC gives you the ultimate flexibility in finding solutions for your lighting needs today, no matter who you are or what your needs are.

Why Rimikon led solutions for ac?

Rimikon’s AC product offerings

T8 Tube Lights


Our tube lights can be integrated with 95% of existing ballasts on the market. Remove the safety hazard of CFL bulbs and receive up to 60% savings on your power bill, mercury free.

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Available in a variety of sizes, 1’x4′, 2’x2′, & 2’x4′ our panels have back mounted AC transformers which allow them to maintain their superior lifespan. Giving you many of the advantages of extra low voltage without retrofit.

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why Use Rimikon’s Extra Low Voltage DC Lights?

Even with the benefits already listed with the AC products there’s still more benefits to using Rimikon Lights.

Rimikon’s Extra Low Voltage DC Product Offerings


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On top of offering industry leading lighting solutions we had an extra trick up our sleeves. Our lights are all ready to be integrated into a smart lighting system with the simple addition of our LED IP Controller. This unit will allow you to use our app to control your lights with our Rimikon App for iOS and Android devices. This controller can also be integrated with other common automation systems.

Rimikon Smart Controllers

With a simple add-on unit you can control all of your Rimikon Lights from the palm of your hand with the Rimikon app or other major automation softwares such as Crestron and Control4.

Full light control from anywhere!

Ultimate control means ultimate savings with fully dimmable and controlled smart lights.

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  • Superior 50,000+ hour lifespan. Our lights will outlast the competition, even with heavy use.
  • Made with sustainable and environmentally friendly materials to reduce waste
  • Free of all harmful minerals and chemicals like Mercury.
  • 500% more efficient than CFL lights, 15% more efficient than conventional LEDs

Safe & Simple

  • UL Class 2 Certified so anyone can install making these lights shock proof
  • Type IC Certified so they’re not a fire hazard and are safe to be installed with moisture
  • One light does it all! Install the recessed pot light in soffits, showers, living rooms, offices, etc. the options are endless!