In the News: Ottawa 2017 proudly partners with Rimikon

Stand in the spotlight with Extra Low Voltage LED lights

We’ve been named the lighting partner of the Ottawa 2017 celebrations. Read below to learn more.

Ottawa-based lighting and lighting design innovator Rimikon Inc. has been named a proud partner of Ottawa 2017. As the first company to introduce patent-protected extra low voltage LED lighting solutions to the North American market, Rimikon is a bright addition as one of the equipment partners for upcoming Ottawa 2017 events.

Rimikon’s first project will be to light up Inspiration Village, promoted as a not-to-be-missed highlight of Ottawa 2017 programming and designed to celebrate Canada’s provinces and territories in unique and creative ways.

From May 20 to September 4, Inspiration Village will display a succession of converted sea containers showcasing special exhibits and performing arts events along York Street in the Byward Market. Rimikon will be working with Dymech Engineering Inc. to install extra low voltage LED lighting in and around the artistically adapted shipping containers.

Suzanne Cyr, CEO of Rimikon, says, “Like Rimikon extra low voltage LED lights, sea containers are made out of sustainable and cost-effective material. We’re very excited to be supplying Inspiration Village with a fully recyclable lighting solution that uses less power at less cost than traditional LEDs and fluorescents.”

Rimikon is also working on a second project that will integrate indoor and outdoor LEDs to highlight some of the City’s little known treasures.

Cyr explains, “We have designed elements that are powered by extra low voltage LED technology. Imagine an entire park coming alive at night with thousands of lights decorating the trees. Extra low voltage LED lights never get hot and are safe even during wet conditions. The energy savings will be substantial.”

Rimikon is a distributed intelligent low voltage lighting solution provider based in Ottawa that is focused on integrating cost-saving, energy-efficient, and environmentally sustainable technologies into our everyday lives. Launched in 2010, Rimikon was first in line to introduce patent-protected, UL, CUL, Energy Star (Class 2) extra low voltage LED lighting products, power supplies, controls and accessories to the North American market. With global LED lighting trends revealing significant growth and product development through 2017 and beyond, Rimikon is designing and expanding product lines to meet the demands of the residential and commercial sectors across Canada and the US. The extra low voltage LED company currently has about 30 distributors across North America.